AB Audio

Original Filmscores, Soundtracks, Sound EFX Editing, Foley, ADR, Performance Recordings, Mastering, Jingles, VO, Music, Music Notation, Talent & Sound EFX Libraries, Duplications, Live Audio/Visual Recording, Equipment Rentals, Non-Linear Visual Editing.Lakewood, CA. Read more on their web site or call 562-429-1042

Crimmit Projects

Chris Rowland began his interest in the arts by virtue of his environment. Surrounded by the landscape paintings of his grandfather Otto Rowland, Chris developed an interest in painting and a general curiosity of the world around him. Chris attended Victor Valley College where he received his A.A. degree in 1988. His focus was life drawing, photography and ceramics where he created many of his high fire sculptural objects. Feeling the need to expand his horizons he soon applied to Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and was accepted into their Fine Arts department. There he was able to live and work in this community of other artists. While he pursued his painting and sculptural talents he also was introduced to video and film, which he felt would be a good trade to learn. Read more on his web site or call: 310-592-7204

Sonic Gravy

L.A. Based Music production company. Produced music for Permanent Production’s Blitz Attack and Over the River. More info: website.

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Constance L. Jackson, MPH, President/CEO is the writer, director and producer of all the films in Permanent Production's collection. Ms. Jackson earned a Master's degree in Public Health, specializing in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Ms. Jackson also has a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communication. The documentary films produced by Permanent Productions present cutting-edge issues that delve deeply into the underlying factors that make up the nuances of an individual and a country. She has the ability to tap into the essence of many unspoken issues immersing viewers into the story, allowing them to think and talk about their own behavior and experiences.