Film Viewer’s Comments for Over the River…Life of Lydia Maria Child, Abolitionist for Freedom:

CJ Strawn, Hollywood Production Manager and Set Designer

Thank you so much for this incredible film! I was so impressed with the magnitude of it and with the look. Kudos to the D.P.— it was beautifully shot—the framing and lighting, lovely. And the look, which had a patina of the past with such attention to detail. My you worked hard and it certainly paid off! The historical nature of it could have been complicated, but you had a good flow that I could easily follow.

Anyway, most excellent!


Superbly researched, written, and presented in word, sound and images.

Carolyn L. Karcher, professor and lead Lydia Maria Child historian:

It is a MAGNIFICENT achievement. The visuals bring every aspect of the story to life,
and the narrative does justice to all the complexities and subtleties both of Child’s biography and of the abolitionist movement. I loved the way you used Child’s letters. And I loved Diahann Carroll’s narration. Congratulations!

Deborah Clifford, Child historian

I enjoyed it immensely. I think you did a marvelous job of giving Child the stature she deserves among the abolitionists. Her character and accomplishments are beautifully delineated and you weave her story into the story of the times with great skill. I am honored to have been a part of this enterprise.

Patricia Holland, Co-author of Lydia Maria Child Selected Letters 1817-1880

Dear Constance,
Many thanks for this!

Lynda B., Film Critic

You are so bright, talented and committed and a part of the army of believers who tilt at windmills.

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