Over The River Book

otr_bookThe companion book parallels Over the River DVD with highlights of Child’s prophetic statements presented in the film, suggesting for example the creation of a black nationalist party in response to the Ku Klux Klan. A perfect library collection

Catalogued with the Library of Congress.
ISBN: 978-0-9818204-0-8

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Constance L. Jackson, MPH, President/CEO is the writer, director and producer of all the films in Permanent Production's collection. Ms. Jackson earned a Master's degree in Public Health, specializing in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Ms. Jackson also has a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communication. The documentary films produced by Permanent Productions present cutting-edge issues that delve deeply into the underlying factors that make up the nuances of an individual and a country. She has the ability to tap into the essence of many unspoken issues immersing viewers into the story, allowing them to think and talk about their own behavior and experiences.