Famous American Thanksgiving Song Has More Meaning Than Meets The Eye

August 29, 2008 Michele Patterson (310) 366-4996


LOS ANGELES- The Thanksgiving Day song that American children for decades have learned to know and associate with the beginning of the holiday season, “Over the River and through the Woods to Grandmother’s House We Go,” gets a nod with a documentary and companion book about the writer, Lydia Maria Child.

Over the River…Life of Lydia Maria Child, Abolitionist for Freedom, narrated by Ms. Diahann Carroll, the first female African American TV sitcom star, makes a wonderful holiday DVD and gift book. The story is an inspiring account of Lydia Maria Child’s heralding character as an abolitionist leader, Indian and women’s rights advocate whose writings and poems still ring through today.

The film won recognition by The Pan African Film Festival and other festivals in the U.S. As seen in theaters, the DVD and companion book can be purchased at bookstores, Baker and Taylor, Amazon.com, and on Permanent Productions Publishing’s website at www.overtherivermovie.com.

The DVD and book are excellent gifts for everyone in the home. It gives Americans a rich understanding of women’s early participation in reforming the country making it a better place for women and African Americans. The DVD/book also shows why Lydia Maria Child has risen above the footnotes of the annals of American history.

Using archival photographs and illustrations, rarely seen documentary footage, dramatic reenactments, and beautiful orchestral music, Over the River… rescues Child from obscurity, bring her vividly to life. Along the way the film explores Child’s involvement in the events and issues that pushed Americans into the Civil War.

“The memory of the early Antislavery days is very sacred to me. The Holy Spirit did actually descend upon men and women in tongues of flame. Political and theological prejudices, and personal ambitions, were forgotten in sympathy for the wrongs of the helpless, and in the enthusiasm to keep the fire of freedom from being extinguished on our national alter.”

Lydia Maria Child (pronounced Mariah)

Free gift-wrapping through www.permproductions e-commerce site. The DVD/book are also great gifts for black history and women’s history months.


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