Lydia Maria Child
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"The memory of the early Antislavery days is very sacred to me. The Holy Spirit did actually descend upon men and women in tongues of flame. Political and theological prejudices, and personal ambitions, were forgotten in sympathy for the wrongs of the helpless, and in the enthusiasm to keep the fire of freedom from being extinguished on our national alter."
- Lydia Maria (Mariah) Child

Such powerful words stated by a white woman of the 19th Century...Most women's voices were quashed in a newly founded society that boasts its freedom. Lydia Maria Child, from her childhood challenged and defied societal constraints on the American woman and became one of America's greatest patriots. Her pursuit for freedom for black Americans and the American Indian became her literary trademark. The use of the term African Americans dates as far back as the usage in the title of her book An Appeal In Favor of that Class of Americans Called Africans written in 1833..

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An Agent of Change:
"An agent of change is an active visionary who creates coalitions and raises consciousness to influence beliefs, behaviors, and policies for sustainable environments--social and physical in our world community."

- Definition of an Agent of Change created by some Colgate University faculty, students, and residents of Hamilton, NY, presented in a workshop led by Constance L. Jackson on Becoming an Agent of Change Then and Now:

Benjamin L., Ellen K., April C., Nick C., Bobbie C., Charles B., J.T. C., Cal C., Kerry M., Brittani D., Suzanne S., Chris A., Dena R., Angelica A., Daniel M., Michele P., Constance J. (2009, Oct.).

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